The Endless Summer is a seminal 1960s surfing documentary by filmmaker Bruce Brown, following two surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave.
Fifty years later, our client collaborated with a young design student from Spain who had discovered The Endless Summer for the first time, along with Bruce Brown’s son Dana Brown to write and design an epic collector’s edition box set to commemorate the anniversary.
Targeting wealthy older surfers in Southern California, this high-priced collectors-edition book and box set would be limited in number to only 1,966. It contains a book with fold outs, Chinese binding, and impeccable detail, a remastered DVD, a signed certificate of authenticity, a commemorative medallion and the kicker: an actual original 5-frame strip of the original film.
While the client had been working on creating this masterpiece for over four years, they were starting from scratch without a website, social audience, email list or any awareness. The Bruce Brown Films website also had minimal presence after years of neglect. Without a marketing team in place, The Endless Summer book team tasked us with quickly building a launch plan to hit the holiday market hard in only four months, as well as the team that would execute it.
We always face curveballs in our business, and we welcome the challenge to roll with the twists that come our way. As we approached our holiday deadline, we were informed that production delays would push the product availability back to January. Then Febr… April. In late April we finally got the books. Halfway through the marketing we had to completely change our strategy and approach to support an April launch. 7
Throughout the launch, I acted as the lead marketer and creative director, managing everything from building the e-commerce website, to hiring a PR team to get us partnerships with Red Bull and in major surfing and sports publications, leading to an epic launch event in Huntington Beach with a who's who of surfing history. 
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